ezPOOLBag or not ezPOOLBag

I know that you love your pool robot. You may even have a name for it. I do. My robot's name is Daisy.

I remember my first pool season without Daisy. That was miserable. As a new pool owner I had to learn so much – pump, filter, water balance, chemicals, etc. And on a top of that I had to vacuum my pool every other day. Finally, I got to the point where I was not sure if having a pool was a good idea for me.

All these doubts evaporated as soon as I got Daisy. She made me truly enjoy my pool. Every day Daisy wakes up before the dawn and does her job to make sure that water in the pool is crystal clear for us to enjoy. She is great…until there is time to clean her bag.

Leaves, dust, hair, bugs. You can continue this list using your imagination. Basically, anything can end up on the bottom of the pool and get sucked by Daisy. She worked for me all week long and now is my turn to wash her. Saying that I did not enjoy that part was an understatement. First you need to empty that nasty, wet bag. Sometimes you need to reach in to get that hair ball out of there because it got stuck there. Then you need to find a place by the pool where you can wash that sticky bag. For some reason when you wash it always sprays dirty, cold water on you. The bottom line is that I hated it.

Disposable is the word. This is the ultimate solution. No more emptying, cleaning or washing the dirty bag. Three easy steps that changed my life - install / use / discard. Now I spend less time cleaning and more time swimming. If you ask me ezPOOLBag or not ezPOOLBag, I would say ezPOOLBag it is!